Why Christmas stockings are awesome? Especially when there is so much more to Christmas that stockings seem to be just one more thing to think about?

Personally, I love them for several reasons. First and foremost, I just love some of the really beautiful designs you can find on Christmas stockings. There are some extremely creative people who make some really beautiful stockings that just ‘finish’ the look and feel of Christmas.

Next, I love to put special little gifts as stocking stuffers! For example, even something small like art materials, or even a special piece of jewelry for my favorite wife. It just seems like the perfect place to place these smaller gifts.

Christmas stockings are also great to fill with treats that are just special to Christmas. From chocolates to small toys, it’s a wonderful treat for everyone in the family.

Another reason I think that Christmas stockings are precious, is because they can some in more then one form. They don’t necessarily have to be stockings! For example, I think it’s super important to give to those kids at Christmas that don’t get anything else for Christmas.

operation-christmas-childOne project that I really enjoy participating in is Operation Christmas Child. The whole idea is by Samaritan’s Purse. For less then $20, you can fill a shoebox size Christmas stocking with gifts like novelty toys, school supplies, some select candy treats and such. Then you supply the money to have the gift shipped.

Now the neat thing is that the gifts are age and gender appropriate and children in third world countries get the chance, in many cases, to get the very first Christmas present that they’ve ever gotten!

Imagine being the person who gives a child their first or possibly their only Christmas gift for the year! Our family participates in this worthwhile cause each and every year. We will normally fill one shoebox for each person in the family. Our kids participate by purchasing from their own savings the gifts. It makes it super special for them.

So it may be in a shoebox, but it’s why Christmas stockings are awesome in my opinion!

Be sure to get involved. Finally I love Christmas stockings that contain great gift certificates. Nothing like a great $25 coupon card for my favorite coffee shop! This is such a treat to discover on Christmas morning and it’s also a great and easy gift to stuff into a stocking!

So, be sure to think up your reasons for why Christmas stocking are awesome and have a brilliant Christmas this year!

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