Are you looking for a way to really personalize a Christmas present for someone you adore? Or are you looking for a comical gift for a co-worker? Believe or not, personalized Christmas stockings can solve both of those problems.

To be honest, personalized Christmas stockings are starting to become trendy as automated craft manufacturers get better and better at making more and more elegant looking personalized Christmas stockings.

I really like to keep a tab on trends and I must say that there is definitely a growing trend towards these personalized gifts. I’ve been waiting to see seasonal gift stores that specialize in personalized Christmas stockings only to start popping up in a mall near you.

But why would you even consider one? Let me relate a story to you. Years ago, when we had our first children, there were two things that I’m grateful that we did. First, we got the infamous screaming kid picture while on Santa’s lap. That’s a good chuckle every year.

Second, we got personalized Christmas stockings for each of our children. We looked for stockings that were age appropriate, so they could enjoy them too. As our oldest have started to approach their teenage years, they fondly remember those Christmas’ through those stockings!

Of the many gifts, those are the ones that are remembered. Actually as I think about it, I remember when my grandmother hand made a Christmas stocking for me. I was quite fond of it when I still had it. I truly wish I still had it to this day.

But what about a co-worker? Or maybe a good friend? There have been many great personalized Christmas stockings made for just the occasion. The cool thing about it is that it’s very original and you can stuff it with things that person just loves. Is your co-worker a coffee nut? Imagine stuffing a stocking with all kinds of exotic coffees.

So, you just have to use your imagination. Think about it if you were a sales person. Stop giving what everyone else gives. Give them personalized Christmas stockings from Santa! How’s that for standing out of the crowd!

Or how about your special someone in your life? Let your imagination run wild! Give them sexy personalized Christmas stockings with maybe some personal and adorable stuff in it, like nice creams, a gift certificate to a pedicure and maybe personalized gift certificates for personal massages performed by you?

As you can see, personalized Christmas stockings can be used in a wide variety of ways. It’s neat, memorable and unique!

Here’s some listings of available personalized embroidered Christmas stockings that you can view:
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