Fun Festive Christmas Party Games for Kids

Choosing Christmas party games for kids is perhaps the most challenging part of any holiday event planning. Whether you are hosting a party specifically for children or are simply looking for ways to keep them occupied at family dinners or neighborhood gatherings, finding ways to entertain kids is not always the easiest of tasks. Having enough activities available will guarantee that there is never a dull moment, ensure a joyous holiday season, and promise peace on earth – or at least an exciting and fun Christmas party.

Individual Games.

For smaller guest lists or parties that have several activities occurring at once, Christmas party games for kids that do not require team work may be most appropriate, while still allowing guests to participate and socialize with others. Blindfold the children and ask them to draw a snowman on a whiteboard or piece of paper, or have guests rip a Christmas tree from a green piece of paper held behind their back. At the end of the party, award a prize to the best likeness. Fill a stocking with wrapped items and ask the children to guess what is hidden in each package. For guaranteed fun, play a Christmas memory game, holiday bingo, pass the ornament, snowball toss game using marshmallows, or festive musical chairs.

Group or Team Games.

If your Christmas party is large enough, divide guests into groups for some festive competition that will build both team and holiday spirit. Give each group a bag of letters and see which team is the quickest to decipher the seasonal words. Or, as a variation, cut a Christmas picture into different shapes and have the children work to be the first team to complete the puzzle. Give each team balloons and markers and have them use their artistic ability to construct a Santa, or line them up in a row and have them pass a gift bow down the line without using their hands. One-handed gift wrapping, Christmas carol charades, or snow sculpture competitions are also great group oriented activities that will keep everyone entertained while ushering in glad tidings of holiday joy.

Relays and Races.

Of course, some of the most fun and exciting Christmas party games for kids are races and relays. Yes, technically, these activities involve teams or groups, but races and relays will produce so much laughter, squeals, and silliness that they deserve a section of their own. Play a Rudolph relay by instructing each child to run to a designated spot and then, using only their nose, pick up a red cotton ball or paper circle and run back to the team without losing their Rudolph snout. As a helpful hint, place a little Vaseline on the end of each child’s nose. Place a round candy on a spoon and have children run or walk across the room and dump the candy in a Christmas stocking then return to the starting point to tag the next team member. For older children, add a twist by having them hold the spoon in their mouths rather than their hands. Snowball relays, sack races using jumbo stockings, gift wrap/unwrap relays while wearing gloves, or tree decorating races are sure to make any holiday party a memorable success.

Children look forward to Christmas with great anticipation and excitement, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with a festive party? Having several activities and Christmas party games for kids available will keep boredom at bay and make sure that everyone has an enjoyable and stress free holiday celebration.

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