Christmas stockingsWhen I think of Christmas, I think of the Christmas tree, the birth of Christ and the Christmas stockings. It one of those Christmas decorations that can be personalized to children and adults alike. Plus there is so much that you can do with Christmas stockings.

For example, a really great gift for another person at work can be  personalized Christmas stockings. Fill it with all of the things that this person enjoys. It could be readily found items from a store such as sample coffees or treats. Or maybe if they are kids at heart, Christmas ornaments, music certificates or even toys could be considered acceptable!

That’s what makes Christmas stockings so cool. It’s very beautiful and very versatile as a gift. Plus they can really highlight the colors of Christmas such as the red, green and gold colors.

You cannot deny that the picture of a crackling fire burning in a fireplace looks so much more seasonal with the addition of the Christmas stockings hung carefully for Santa to fill it on Christmas morning.

Personally, I do find Christmas stocking very interesting and fun to enjoy during the holidays. This is the reason I built this site.

History of the Christmas Stockings

Here is more legend surrounding the origins of the Christmas stocking then there is fact, but here’s what I’ve discovered about stockings Christmas.

In the fourth century, there was one Italian father who was too poor to cover the dowries of his three daughters so they could marry. The father being desperate, had decided that he must sell one of his daughters into slavery to cover the dowries of the other two.

There was one night, like many others, where the daughters had washed out and hung their stocking to dry by the fireplace. At that same time lived St Nicholas of Myra (today’s Santa Claus) who had hear the plight of the father and the difficult decision that lay before him.

The saint had decided to pay them a visit in the night to see if there was anything that he could do in this situation. When he road up, he saw the stockings through the window.

He decided to give gifts of gold coins to which he placed in each of the stockings. Needless to say, this covered the cost of the much needed dowries for all three daughters. This was coined to be the very first Christmas stockings.

The Christmas Stockings Collection

Here at the Christmas stocking collection, you’ll find many different types of holiday stockings to check out. Some will come with reviews and price. Please feel free to shop around and look at all the wonderful styles in velvet and multiple color combinations.

Also if you are the crafty type of person, you’ll find a page on Christmas stocking kits here.

Have a Merry Christmas and thank you for stopping by the Christmas Stocking Collection web site and please enjoy looking at the Christmas stockings.

Why Christmas stockings are awesome? Especially when there is so much more to Christmas that stockings seem to be just one more thing to think about? Personally, I love them for several reasons. First and foremost, I just love some of the really beautiful designs you can find on Christmas stockings. There are some extremely…

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